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Life behind the scenes

I am still feeling that first flush of pride of a mother, whose toddler has just made their very first friend.  And this is a friendship that could not give me greater joy.

For a long time I have been in love with an American brand of clothing alice + olivia (and yes, it is ‘a’ and ‘o’ lower case as I found out in no uncertain terms from their branding department) and so when they opened their first UK store in Mayfair, I rushed over, my Something Blue baby in tow.  In the midst of trying clothes on, I could not help but mention my pride and joy, and to my utter delight not only did the fabulous team make gushingly appropriate noises, they also suggested we might explore doing something together!

This is a brand that truly revels in vibrant shades of blue and dazzling whites; a perfect pairing for my Something Blue jewellery.  So, what could be more exciting? With Head Office approval, we planned a viewing event (in US terms this was trunk show… albeit nothing to do with luggage) in their glorious store, of our ‘Out of the Blue’ collection.  An event to delight to surprise.

Now this is a store which simply lends itself to cocktail parties.  So, with that in mind, cocktails it was, with thanks to Slingsbury Gin, and being summer, what is an event without a good Rose?

I have not planned a children’s party for many years now, but this brought back the thrill (together with the stress).  What to do for entertainment?  There had to be live music, and of course what’s a party without an entertainer?  For that we selected a hand engraver, so everyone who left with Something Blue jewellery could have it personally engraved.  And the final touch for that extra dazzle, an ice sculpture featuring our latest (and coolest) launch frozen inside, our ‘Hair comes the Bride’ heart shaped hair slider.

Like all great parties it ran over time, but unlike my children’s parties when I was only too ready to usher out the guests, this time I was delighted that everyone wanted to stay.

This was an event that could not have happened without the fabulous Mayfair team, and of course Faye and Lucie.  And a big thank you as well to all the influencers who shared such lovely stories about us.

My Something Blue’s first friend could not be dearer to me… but I hope alice + olivia, will be the first of many! Until next time...



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