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Life behind the scenes

I write this blog as if in the first flush of childbirth… that moment before the pain killers have worn off! 

After a very long pregnancy my longed-for brand, has finally taken its very first breath. This has truly been a labour of love; love of a gemstone that has been in the family for three generations now. 

Even before I started working with my husband a few years ago (and that’s another story all together) I always wanted to create a stand-out jewellery brand with these magnificent Ostro blue topaz gems, a brand that could marry modern jewellery with the traditional ‘Something Blue’ of the wedding day.  But there was a problem, I may have been wedded into a family with a history of gems, but the craftsmanship of gems and jewellery is a very far cry from my legal background and craftsmanship of drafting contracts!  Put simply, with a legal background, I have had (and still have) a ridiculous amount to learn.

So, this was a pregnancy of endless ‘out of the blue’ surprises.  There were many moments where I felt the flutters of excitement as I could see Something Blue take shape, even as was often the case, in embryonic form.  From ideas to rough drawings, to samples, to revised samples, each stage led us nearer to a perfect formed piece.  Well doesn’t every proud mother say that. But equally there were many moments when ‘surprise’… perfect plans were not so perfect; sketches were far sketchier than I realised and tried and tested routes were simply trying and testing. 

Of course, it is only just starting to dawn on me, that pregnancy may have been the easy part, but in this first flush of childbirth, I can only feel the pure excitement of something coming to life and I hope you all do too...as I welcome you to join our Something Blue By Ostro journey!



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