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Life behind the scenes

The thing about newborns is that when these little jewels actually arrive, as sparkly and precious as they may be, there seem to be a number of little points that no one ever mentioned. Or perhaps they did, but I simply wasn’t listening? Night-time feeds aren’t just a quick feed and off to sleep, sometimes they can feel like a drawn out three course meal. As for the delightful habit my little ones had of regurgitating their milk all over me… I am quite sure that’s a point that no one ever mentioned. But with all that, there is an extraordinary excitement and newness that follows every tiny, new activity.

So it is with Something Blue, which is now a real live company, with a life of its own. The exhilaration of launching has kept me up at night, as I see our Instagram and Something Blue community grow and check this wonderful little app that allows me to see in real time where someone in the world might be visiting our website (thank you Shopify). 

Nor did I ever anticipate the thrill of every sale, knowing that someone is choosing Something Blue by Ostro jewellery, to gift or to wear! Every new customer who signs up or who chooses to buy something seems like this precious, miraculous moment, that only your baby can ever achieve… I suppose other babies can, but they are not yours! Of course, just in case it’s not exciting enough, our Shopify app that powers the website, rings a very happy bell every time there is a purchase… which is why my phone is never on silent… and my husband is considering divorce proceedings!

But there was so much I really did not appreciate, that must go on behind the scenes. And in this case, I really do mean behind the scenes, in the very opaque world of google analytics. Maybe I should have paid more attention when we were given advice on google rankings (likewise in those pre-natal classes), but I am absolutely sure no one mentioned spiders!  I think I would have remembered that! So not only does our website have to be ranked (like all mothers I can’t help thinking surely my little one is too little to be ranked already), but apparently this process involves google arachnids crawling all over it!

‘All consuming’ is perhaps the true take-home message with every newborn, but with Something Blue it is an endless fascination, that happily consumes my every waking moment (and believe me there are many of them)!



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