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Life behind the scenes

Something Blue is growing up! This was a month that saw our very first foray into the real world; exhibiting at the National Wedding Show in Olympia, Earl’s Court. For the first time we had the thrill of meeting you face-to-face and seeing your reactions to our Something Blue jewellery! Of course, we were nervous, because on social media we only see those who like or follow us, whereas face-to-face is a true test!

So in anticipation we put our best foot forward, but actually it wasn’t a foot that we needed to put forward, bur several feet, attached preferably to bodies used to heavy weightlifting. In our eagerness, we wanted to display our pieces in the most stylish of cabinets that would really accentuate the full beauty of our bold and modern designs in all their sparkling blue topaz glory! We factored everything in; the colour, the lighting, the dimensions, the material… just not the weight! It turned out this was a time for some serious heavy lifting, but like childbirth, once everything was in place in the Exhibition Hall, the pain was almost forgotten!

Meeting so many prospective brides, bridegrooms and friends was a total joy!  Wedding Shows have a special magic, as everyone is in this intoxicating wedding bubble, as they plan the most special day for themselves or those they love. And what about Something Blue and the true test? Well, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which our Something Blue jewellery was met. In addition to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, and ‘can I try these on’, was a sense that Something Blue is truly unique and something for everyone to enjoy…a brand curated with weddings in mind, but also to celebrate the joys of every day! We were so excited to see our Something Blue community grow and we so appreciate the wonderful feedback, support and love from you all.

In fact, we loved the Show so much, we didn’t want to leave… and almost didn’t!  Our very helpful, and very strong, men who we engaged for the purposes of heavy lifting were stuck in traffic. By the time they arrived, several hours late, we looked around and realised we were the last stand standing!

Some days… like a wedding day… as tired as you may be, you simply never want to end!



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